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Welcome Exclusive Sports is a softball/baseball distribution company that has supplied the New Zealand market through its' resellers for over 30 years.  Our range is substantial, our service is excellent and our agents throughout the country can help and advise you about all things Softball.


Pricing – all prices quoted are those calculated at the time of this catalogue and include GST.  Changes however could occur if made necessary by influences outside of Exclusive Sports Goods Ltd control.  We retain the right to change the prices if required.


You can contact anyone of our agents below or go directly to our on-line store HERE.


Feel free to contact us to discuss your softball needs, to have a no obligation quote prepared or to simply enquire about our product range which is updated often.  We would welcome your enquiry.

Exclusive Sports Goods Ltd                                                 or contact one of our re-sellers in...                                                                                                                      

P O Box 24184                                                                                      

Christchurch 8642                                                                              


Tel:  0800 112 985                                                                      



Store and Warehouse

220B Pages Road (Behind Cowles Stadium)


Christchurch 8642                                                                                     






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